Naval architecture: detailed design projects, engineering and specific studies, for all kind of ships and floating devices, technical specification for bidding, evaluation of shipyards proposals, contractualization assistance.

Produits et services

Passenger vessels, work boats, cargo vessels, hybrid ships, inland ships, cruise ships, oil tankers, ferrys, buoy - R&D : Optipropulseur, cargo boat with sail, RhinoPiping, silent propeller fo bow - Training in naval architecture fields


  • Adresse : 6 rue Baboneau 44100 NANTES
  • Dirigeant : Laurent, MERMIER


  • Forme juridique : SARL
  • Capital : 25000
  • NAF : 7112B
  • Creation date : 06/05/2002
  • Effectif : 2
  • Couverture géographique : Europe (inside and outside EU), Africa, the Middle-Est, Indian Ocean, South-East Asia, Oceania
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