french leader in softwares and services for blended learning (mixed training), helps supports companies of all sectors in developing adding value to their knowledge and human capital

Produits et services

e-doceo’s offer is made up of an structured around an LCMS for the creation and management of pedagogical supports contents (e-learning or presential), an LMS platform for their diffusion and “à-la-carte” services to accompany training projects.


  • Adresse : 8, rue de la Fionie La Bérangerais 44240 LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE
  • Dirigeant : Jérôme, BRUET


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 300000
  • NAF : 5829 C
  • Creation date : 31/12/2001
  • Effectif : 130
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