Development of pharmaceutical products in nuclear medicine. Radiotherapy is an efficient cancer treatment. External beam radiotherapy and radioactive implants are routinely used to destroy primary tumors and to prevent local and regional relapse. Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) expands the use of radiotherapy to treat disseminated cancer by targeting injected radioactivity using antibodies as vectors. RIT is already approved for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. ATLAB Pharma aims to expand the use of RIT to treat major cancers

Produits et services

Anti-cancer radio-antibodies ATLAB Pharma develops a beta-RIT drug for the treatment of prostate cancer. The drug uses Lutetium-177, a radio-isotope emitting beta radiations within a range of 250 microns, well adapted to destroy micro-metastasis. The product is in clinical Phase II studies. ATLAB Pharma also develops alpha-RIT products using astate-211. Astate-211 emits alpha radiations that deliver 100 times higher destructive energy than beta radiations within a range of 70 microns, well adapted to destroy isolated cancer cells. Theproducts are currently in preclinical studies.


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